28 July 2010

Awaiting de-briefing...

So I think I've made it into one of the communications teams for the Papal Visit, on behalf of the Diocese of Westminster.

I'm looking forward to helping my local Catholic Community generate some positive noise about the Pope's visit. I would like to get more young people actively involved, and so I'm increasing my use of such tools as twitter, facebook, and youtube to help in this kind of outreach.

What ideas do I have for 'upping the interest'?
- discussion forum
- movie or documentary night
- presentation
Whether or not I would run these events, I am not sure, as I'll be away for 3 weeks in August. This makes things rather tricky for me until September, but I can try to keep up to date with things online.

I receive a de-briefing next week, and can then begin to publish items given to me from my members of my Parish. I'm also happy to receive items from people who aren't from my Parish, and even people who aren't necessarily Catholic. However, I ask that you respect my beliefs and send me items that are non-offensive.

What I plan to collect:
- video footage / blogs
- poetry
- articles
- reports
- personal statements
- audio recordings
- mobile phone footage
- online blogs
- twitter feeds
- personal prayers
- intentions regarding the Pope's visit
- information on activities

So... have anything to send me? Please get in touch! pilgrim.claz@gmail.com is the best way! Look forward to receiving your items, and updating you as I go along!


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