11 August 2013

The importance of sharing testimonies of evangelisation (World Youth Day 2013 - Shalom in Fortaleza)

It has been over a week now that I have been back from World Youth Day in Brazil. HOW AMAZING it was!!! I believe EVERY young person ought to experience this love and joy brought to life at a World Youth Day - whether you are of faith or not!

I went with Shalom Community (a Brazilian Catholic Community who have missionaries in London), and spent the first week in Fortaleza on mission. 8 of us from our little group joined much larger groups from different countries: Italy, France, Australia, Israel... and Switzerland, who we grew closest to as we spent much time during the day together on mission.

On our first official day, our group (London and part of Switzerland) were sent on mission to evangelise door to door at people's homes. It was such a blessed experience, and I still remember clearly the people who opened their doors to us and invited us into their homes. For me, it was as if witnessing them opening their hearts to Christ, letting strangers into the place they call home. I still particularly remember a lady named Ivonne (or could be Yvonne) who I felt God had a special message for... a message of deep love and welcome. If you could say a prayer for her this very moment, I would be eternally grateful!

When we arrived back, we had a moment to share some testimonies, and so here are the videos of those testimonies!

Really sorry that on this last video, I didn't capture the German translation... my recording device was running out of space, and I was afraid it wouldn't capture the whole testimony.

In my opinion, it is so important for us to hear these testimonies, to motivate us to do the same... to go out and be disciples... and to make disciples of all nations! All souls deserve to know and hear the boundless Love and Mercy of our Triune God, and for this reason, we have no reason to be afraid to do this. After all, the Church exists to evangelise. This is what being part of the Church is all about.

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