17 August 2010

Weekly Roundup 02

Issue 02

Top Website
- Benedict in the UK
This is the best place to find summarised national, regional and even international news relating to the Papal visit. The complete dedication of this site to all Papal coverage in the UK means you can keep track of what is being said in the news on a weekly basis in preparation for Pope Benedict XVI's arrival in September. Links are easily accessible and you'll find some hidden jewels in its very own shop and bookstore. You can follow them on twitter: @PopeB16FanClub, and their site is definitely worth a check.

Shining Star
- Twibbon!
If you support the Pope’s visit to the UK in September (and believe me... we need him!), why not show it with the Papal twibbon? Everywhere on the net, we're bombarded with profile images - and it's so easy to get your profile images showing your support too! I'll be updating my images with the twibbon, and also post other examples of it in use soon!


- Elgar's 'The Dream of Genrontius' to be performed at Birmingham on 18th September
Can't make Hyde Park on 18th September? Live anywhere near Birmingham? Ex Cathedra Choir and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment perform this special production based on the poetry of Cardinal Newman - as publicised on thepapalvisit.org.uk (link to site is under header).
Video: Youtube post by roy13820. Soloists: Heddle Nash, Gladys Ripley and Denis Noble with the Huddersfield Choral Society and the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dr. Malcolm Sargent. - (Part 1 of 10) - Overture. 

- Catholic Voices are ready to be interviewed. If you are interested in interviewing a Catholic about the Papal Visit, then please contact them by clicking the link!

@lukecoppen posted his morning must-reads one day, and through him I read this wonderful article (plus made my first ever public comment on a national newspaper site). It isn't packed with historical information about Papacy coming to town, neither is it informative. It's just a perfect article highlighting the concerns of many, in relation to our reputation as Brits when our reaction to Pope Benedict XVI's visit becomes world news. Norman Tebbit does a great job simplifying the effect of religious differences in this article, and is my reason why everyone (religious or not) should check the article out.

I don't know about you, but I never find those budget airlines actually help my budget. In fact, I've never had a 'low-cost' flight on easyJet OR Ryanair for under £100! But woo-hoo... there is good news to be had from our famuos orange easy-goers: His Holiness is being offered a free ride with easyJet from Rome to London for his visit! This is such a positively funny offer, perhaps none other can beat it! It's great publicity for them... eh! 

- The Official Papal Visit website’s latest news
-More videos and photographs of previous Papal Visits by Pope Benedict XVI have been uploaded on the official facebook page. Don’t forget to click ‘Like’!
- Pilgrims will receive a 12 track CD in their packs containing music by Alessandro Cherin, and a performance by 'Britain's Got Talent' 2010 finalist Liam McNally.

- BBC looking for interviewees
Contact clare.ward@cbcew.org.uk if you’re interested in sharing your faith by becoming an interviewee for the BBC.

Top Twitter must-follows
@thepapalvisit and #ukpv2010
@PopeB16FanClub @heart2hearRad and @Rdispatches

Coming soon
- Stages to Sainthood


Sorry I haven't been able to deliver 'Catholics and Climate Change'... it'll be ready for September. Follow me on twitter for instant news on Papal Visit activity by the people - for the people!

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