09 August 2010

Weekly Roundup 01

Issue 01

Shining Star
Even celebrities support the Pope! Susan Boyle will perform at Bellahouston Park, and Carol Vorderman will present the warm-up acts at Hyde Park. But the stars of the show are these lovely sweet Irish men nicknamed ‘Holy Holy Holy’: The Priests. Maybe it’s just me and my softspot for the Irish, but I simply can’t wait to be at Hyde Park listening to these guys with tears in my eyes. Hopefully they’ll have a stall selling their CDs at the event. ^_^ Praise God for such beautiful talent!


- Heart gives unto Heart radio coverage by young Catholics, for Catholics
This amazing project led by singer/songwriter Gerry Coates, includes not only ‘out-on-the-field' live interviews with attendees of the events aired live, but also competitions and all the other juicy bits you’d get from a regular Catholic radio station!
They’ll be broadcasting live from 14th-20th September, 07:00-00:00. Any young Catholics interested in this project should get in touch through the website.

- Podcasts!
Why aren’t there any?! Or am I just completely ignorant of where they are? Let me know if Papal Visit podcasts do exist!

Coming up soon!

- The fate of Catholic Europe on The Economist
This is one of the best articles I have read for a while about Catholic issues, and the state of the Catholic Church. As @AnnaArco says on twitter, it really is a fascinating read. I just love it when writers actually do their research and inform us all of facts – whether they’re positive or not!

Top Website
- Protect the Pope website
If you support the Pope’s visit, I highly recommend you subscribe to Protect the Pope’s website. It is a great resource for Catholics who are concerned about the safety of Pope Benedict XVI whilst he’s in the UK, as it puts you in-the-know of anti-Catholic news. I love it ^_^ (the website, I mean, not the anti-Catholic news of course!)

- Place your bets NOW! (Or don’t if you’re Catholic!)
Oooooh yes… Paddy Power are taking bets on which Papal Visit souvenirs will sell best (Papal bunting’s on top at the mo!), and betters are also keen to bet on total sales generated on the official Papal Visit merchandise store. So give these betters a run for their money, and purchase something from thepapalvisit.org.uk’s store now! The mug looks pretty nifty ;)

- The Official Papal Visit website’s latest news
Videos and photographs of previous Papal Visits by Pope Benedict XVI have been uploaded on the official facebook page. Don’t forget to click ‘Like’!

- BBC looking for interviewees
Contact clare.ward@cbcew.org.uk if you’re interested in sharing your faith by becoming an interviewee for the BBC.

Top Twitter must-follows
@thepapalvisit and #ukpv2010
@catholicherald bloggers @annaarco & @lukecoppen

Coming soon
- Catholics and Climate change


I’m away on holiday for the next 2.5 weeks, but will continue to keep you posted on the latest and greatest ;) Follow me on twitter for instant news on Papal activity!

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