08 September 2010

Pilgrim Pack 101

What is the pilgrim pack?
The pilgrim pack consists of:
  • Golden coloured drawstring bag
  • Pilgrim Passport (seperate passports for each event)
  • The Pilgrim Journey CD
  • Leaflet: advert for papal-images.com
  • Leaflet: advert for Newman University College
Extras (do not come as standard with the pack):
  • Magnificat Litrugies and Events Missal
  • Young Pilgrim's Booklet
  • Wristband to be distributed on the day
Everything on this list is pretty much self-explanatory but I wanted to draw your attention to two items in particular.

The Pilgrim Journey CD
I'm very glad CBCEW have produced this CD. There are some real jewels to find on it.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols' message on track 2 is a wonderful one. A message that asks us to listen with our hearts. As a pilgrim myself, I know the very importance of opening my heart to the Holy Trinity, and listening with my heart to those here on earth whom God has called to be His witness... in particular, those who have been called in an extraordinary way to be His servants.

Track 4, Lord Patten's message is one that I urge every pilgrim to listen to. All the studio interviews that I have seen recently of Lord Patten in the media do not really touch upon the issues addressed in this track. This is no fault of Lord Patten's - it is the fault of the media. As an interviewee, he is limited to how much free-expression he can give, and he is constantly interrupted into focusing on the secularly-negative aspects of the visit, rather than the positive reasons for the state visit. Listen to this track if you wish to hear what it is about global social justice, enhancing social solidarity, and community service that brings the Head of the Catholic Church to the welcoming lands of our Queen and government.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Scotland have a very warm message of welcome to the Pope too. I kind of got carried away with listening to the bagpipes though - love the sound of bagpipes! I also get rather carried away with the Scottish accent... but let's not go into that ;) Rev Paul Conroy welcomes the arrival of the Holy Father on the celebration of St. Ninian of Scotland, and how Scotland will join him on the rest of his visit through prayer.

I actually like the pilgrim's message. Some people have called it blasphemous, but I really can't see that side of it. If anyone cares to explain to me what is so blasphemous about it, I'd greatly appreciate that! Please leave a comment or email me ^_^

The music isn't all bad neither - I liked Cherin's stuff, as well as Cor Ad Cor Loquitor, and enjoyed the meditative qualities of Deus Tuus Deus Meus.

I wasn't much of a fan of the Our Father - for some reason. I just didn't think the power of the prayer was captured strongly enough for me in melody or music. But then, that's just me - I have a flare for dramatism in the music I share.

The Pope is likely to celebrate Masses in Latin and in the new English text, plus there are little bits and pieces in Welsh - so bring this book to the events with you!

It contains the Event Programmes:
Thursday 16th Programme = page 89
Friday 17th Programme = page 137
Saturday 18th Programme = page 183
Sunday 19th Ptoramme = page 258

Magnificat also contains relevant background information such as 'Heart Speaks to Heart' on page 259, thank yous (eg. page 240), meditations (page 368 for example), prayers (such as on page 386), and musical score to follow the music ministry with. I think it's all you'll need in terms of the liturgical side of the events.

Other inclusions to consider
Other things I'll be including as part of my 'pilgrim pack':
  • Rosary
  • Poncho (unless you are offered one as a young pilgrim)
  • Yellow and White face paint sticks (can buy here)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Picnic blanket
  • Shawl to double up as both scarf and blanket (useful for early morning coach travel)
and lastly, but more importantly to get in:
  • Driving License.

Is there anything else you think should be mentioned? Have I got any of this wrong? Please feel free to comment!

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