13 January 2011

Hounslow Youth Team's next event

Following a successful event we ran in November for the feast of Christ the King where 131 young Catholics from over 20 parishes joined us to adore our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the night, we are ready for our next event.

We've received all your feedback, and transformed it into a stunning event where the centre of our time together will focus on the theme of LOVE.

We are subjects of God's love, thus we are the living examples of the Gospel Truth, and we depend upon Jesus to help us to love one another. This means treating each other with respect, and loving God more than anything and everything else... for it is in our love for God that we intentionally seek righteousness and desire the Heavenly Kingdom for each other as well as ourselves.

Have you got what it takes to build that necessary relationship with God, to humbly 'Love thy neighbour as thyself?' Do you desire more than anything to be loved back? Are you ready to ask for God's blessing and grace to become the next...


14.00 Welcome & icebreaker

14.30 Emmet & Lucy's talk

15.30 Faith sharing (finishes by 15:55)                              

16.00 Holy Hour including…
          Praise & worship
          Examination of Conscience                           
          Silent time of adoration
          Scripture reading/reflection
          Confession available throughout
17.00 Short Break / snack
17.20 Acting workshop (finishes by 18:00)
18.15 Youth mass

19.30 Game/ice breaker or Dinner Prep or Girlie glam-up time!

19.45 Dinner (Menu is a Meat or Vegetable Curry with rice) 

20.30 Blind Date

21.30 Street dance/Showcase & Party
01:00 Finish & clear up

A ticket is necessary to attend the event, please click here to register!

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