24 January 2011

LISS Day 10

Made in His Image

Ever since my life-changing transformation in faith during El Camino, I have been easily offended by 'people of this world' where I wouldn't have been offended before. I don't know why that's true, but it really is. Like... just before Christmas, I was in a shop browsing for a long-ish skirt, when on the radio, the presenter of the programme (I don't know which radio channel this was) said 'Santa Clause doesn't care whether you're naughty or nice! So just have a good time!', and I was actually hurt by the statement! Can you believe... that statement actually hurt me! I guess I was upset on God's behalf right there! I was so surprised by the sensitivity of my emotions on this occasion. I realised then that feeling this way meant my whole life after pilgrimage had changed and that my perception of the world would be completely different moving onwards. For real! How can someone say Santa Clause doesn't care? Ok... Santa Clause does not exist (I hope only young adults upwards are reading this!). But God gifts us everyday - not just at Christmas with the birth of His Son, but in the little blessings that He graces us with daily. Is it then OK to simply have a good time without caring Who we hurt? What kind of message is this, that people in their hundreds would be hearing? Why is it people are being lead into the wrong directions? How sad that we are all made in His image, and we are all gifted with free will to choose what is good and what is not, and it's more often the lost who do all the leading.

Anyway, everyone who knows me would know that physically, I don't feel I'm the least bit attractive. But I accept this as the way God intended me to be! Whilst I might not see myself as beautiful, I definitely see a beauty in everyone else! Perhaps it's because I understand that God knew and Loved that person even before they were born. This is why I understand completely why abortion is more than just 'a big deal'.

I wish to thank Prags, very much, for bringing to light that we consist of body, soul and spirit. This has helped me to understand my humanity, and the difference between earthly things and true faith:
Thessalonians 5:23
“And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Dearest Designer of my being, I thank you for giving me this spirit, this soul, and this body. The spirit, soul and body that you destined especially to me. I pray for the conversion of many hearts to see and understand this too - and if they come to see and understand this even better than I, then praise and glory be to You!!!

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