21 January 2011

LISS Day 8

Creator God

Before studying Interactive Systems & Video Games Design  at Bradford University, I was pretty big on 3D animation, and went to study it at Harvard University for a month in the summer of 2004. I was introduced to a massive industry-used software called Maya. It enabled me to be a virtual creator... building 3D models, characters, environments, earth elements... and giving them life in the process of animation.

Every single living thing on earth is a creation of God. He designed it, He designed us - not just in the physical sense, but in the sense of our souls and spirits too. As much as it might seem weird to say it... He must have had soooooo much fun creating all those people throughout history! I know it sounds like I say that lightly, but I don't... because He also created with soooo much care, love and attention to every single detail in every human being. Anyways... whilst at Bradford, the below video by Bruce Branit was passed around amongst the people in our course. I can see a bit of God in the main character of this shortfilm. I especially love the attention to detail that this creator guy gives the beautiful yellow flower because he knows how much his lady would love it. God created us in such a nurturing way too... so that we can appreciate every single aspect of each other.

If any of you have ever messed around with 3D yourselves, this movie will strike something really big in you - especially if you haven't seen it yet. Everything about 3D modelling is featured in this short. Equally, I could see it touching anyone altogether creative and/or romantic.

God my Creator, You created us with such love, care and attention to detail. Help me to remember and appreciate that the creation we are aware of now, is just a bridging journey to the gates of Your greater creation: Heaven. Thank You for making me just the way I am, and for creating all things holy. Glory and Praise to my Creator God who gifts us with many beautiful flowers daily!

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